Torpel’s Home Learning

Set: Friday 12th October 2018          Due: Thursday 18th October 2018


The Power of Reading at Home

Please complete  your ‘Power of Reading at Home’ booklet –  enjoy reading at home!

Mrs Nicolson


Year 5 Mathematics

Please complete the activity sheet given to you on negative numbers.

Remember, to think about the ‘Scale of Happiness’ when solving negative number problems.



Year 6 Revision


Set: 12.10.18                       Due: 18.10.18



Expected Standard – pg 32 & 33 – Colour your autumn

Higher Standard – pg 38 & 39 – Clouds


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling:

Expected Standard – pg 8 & 9 –  Verbs; Adverbs

Higher Standard – pg 8 – Adverbs



Expected Standard – pg 10 –  Negative numbers

Higher Standard – pg 12 – Prime numbers and prime factors


Remember to self-mark your work after completion in a different coloured pen/pencil before handing in.


Learning Log Task

Our next Learning Log task will be set next week (w/c 15th October).



Useful websites to help you with your home learning/revision:

BBC revise wise

Sum Dog

Channel 4 Learning

Woodlands Junior School


Please ask for help should you not understand any aspect of your home learning. You could also attend Home Learning Club on a Friday lunchtime should you wish to make an advanced start on your tasks!

Mrs Nicolson