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Torpel Mathematics Home Learning Task – 30.6.17



As we are approaching the end of term, I would like you to continue to practise your mental mathematics skills by logging onto Sum Dog each week. I will check, weekly, to ensure that you have been on the site at least once per week outside of school! Please come to Home Learning Club on a Friday lunchtime to complete if you are unable to access the internet at home.

Mrs Nicolson  😊


Learning Log Activity



Set: Friday 30th June 2017               Due: Wednesday 12th July 2017


As part of our ‘Romans’ topic and Golden Time celebration, we will be having a ‘Roman Feast’ on Wednesday 12th July 2017.

Your task for this Learning Log is to prepare an outfit to wear to our party (you can come into school in this and wear it all day!). Costumes do not need to be bought or elaborate – a simple headpiece or handmade items of jewelry along with plain clothing will suffice!




Please remember to continue to read aloud to an adult at home – the importance of this cannot be over emphasised. Use the questions in the front of your Reading Record when discussing what you have read. House Points for reading at home will be awarded each week. Remember your Reading Record will be checked every Friday morning!


Useful websites to help you with your home learning/revision:

BBC revise wise

Sum Dog

Channel 4 Learning

Woodlands Junior School


Please ask for help should you not understand any aspect of your home learning. You could also attend Home Learning Club on a Friday lunchtime should you wish to make an advanced start on your tasks!

Mrs Nicolson