Wonderful Woodgate!

June 2017

Another busy week in Woodgate. Here are some of the exciting things Woodgate have been enjoying.

Emily L- “We have been learning hip hop dancing with Carmella, we have learn’t some funky new moves!”

Emily R- ” We finished our mystery book How to Find Gold.”

Josh- ” We made our own story maps to retell the story of How to Find Gold.”

Harry-  ” We acted out the story in small groups everybody had a part to show.”

Jocelyn-  ” We have enjoyed swimming and learning new stokes and games with Mrs Bacon and Mrs Cook.”

Check out some of our new moves… Video coming soon

Woodgate 🙂

We have had a wonderful first week back and have many good tales to tell.

We have been making our new role play area- Under The Sea. In art we made Jellyfish, octopuses and  foil fish.

In maths we have been learning about tally charts and block diagrams. We have been finding out the classes favourite animals football team, colours, TV programms,  ice creams and many more.

Can you do a tally to represent these numbers?




In English we started a new mystery book. There are 2 characters so far, a girl called Anna and a crocodile. Today we wrote letters to them to tell them our plan on how to find gold.

We are looking forward to next week !

This week in Woodgate we read the next part of our mystery book where the robot met a bluebird. We have been researching all about birds and have found some interesting facts.

George- Chickens are the most common bird in the world.

Zayn-Ali- Owls can see ten times better than humans.

Maisy- Birds have the same colours so they can recognise each other.

Lacey- Some birds get food, swallow it then spit it back up to feed their babies in their nest.

Jasper- Some birds lay eggs.

Emily L- Tawny owls are the most common owl in Britain.

Harry- Owls can twist their heads all the way around.

If you want to find out some more  interesting facts you can look at the website www.rspb.com

We made our own bird feeders in partners. Have a look at the recipe we used (without nuts or cheese)

Make a speedy bird cake

Stuff you need

Good quality bird seed; raisins; peanuts; grated cheese; suet or lard; yoghurt pots; string; mixing bowl; scissors

Seeds Raisins Peanuts Cheese Lard String Bowl Scissors

Important notes

Not suitable for children with nut allergies. Note that bird seed, including peanuts bought for birds, is not suitable for human consumption.


Carefully make a small hole in the bottom of a yoghurt pot. Thread string through the hole and tie a knot on the inside. Leave enough string so that you can tie the pot to a tree or your bird table.

Make a speedy bird cake - Step 1

Allow the lard to warm up to room temperature, but don’t melt it. Then cut it up into small pieces and put it in the mixing bowl.

Make a speedy bird cake - Step 2

Add the other ingredients to the bowl and mix them together with your finger tips. Keep adding the seed/raisin/cheese mixture and squidging it until the fat holds it all together.

Make a speedy bird cake - Step 3

Fill your yoghurt pots with bird cake mixture and put them in the fridge to set for an hour or so.

Make a speedy bird cake - Step 4

Hang your speedy bird cakes from trees or your bird table. Watch for greenfinches, tits and possibly even great spotted woodpeckers.

Make a speedy bird cake - Step 5


WOW what a busy week!

Woodgate have been working hard this week. In English we have been continuing with our mystery book about a Robot and Bluebird. Next week we are going to create some fact files about birds. In maths we have been busy learning our timetables and finding different ways to solve multiplication problems. Have a look what Immie and Oliver have been up to…

In science we have been very excited about our ‘Sow and Grow’ challenge. We planted; cress, baby carrots and runner beans. This week star grower was ….. JACK! Well done.

Each week we will update our chart with the star grower of the week.

Thank you to everyone who came to our class assembly and stay and share. We loved sharing our hard work with you and look forward to the next.

Another final busy week in Woodgate!

We had a great day Tuesday with a visit from a local artist and Author Ellie Sandall. She came into school and did a range of workshops across the classes. In Woodgate we focused on characters and illustrations for books. It was great fun!

On Friday Year 2’s had their Impact for Writing celebrations. They shared their stories and celebrated their hard work over the last 6 weeks.

I Hope you all have a relaxing and fun filled half term

Miss Kulesza 🙂

Happy Half term!


In maths we have been learning about Fractions. We made a fraction wall working out what a half, quarter and third looks like. We explored finding different fractions.

SAM_0340 SAM_0345 - Copy SAM_0346 SAM_0347 SAM_0349

On Thursday we read with Broadwheel sharing our favourite Fairy tale books to celebrate National Storytelling Week. We are dong a readathon to raise money for children in hospital to enjoy books as much as we do. Please sponsor us 🙂

January 2017

Happy New Year!

We have had a great start to the term with lots of challenges set and hard work taking place.

As you all have heard Woodgate and Buttercross have been trying to find out who took the yellow trike. There have been a number of clues found and we are busy making missing posters, writing newspaper reports and trying to solve the mystery. If you have any information please write to Woodgate class!

The MIs

Year 2’s have started their impact and are busy writing their alternative versions of Little Red Riding Hood. They are very excited about their characters, we even have a Little Green Riding Hood and a Super Squirrel! Over the next few weeks they will be continuing to write their story which we will share the Impact for Writing at the celebration.

In Maths we have been doing lots of maths challenges applying our skills and knowledge. We have been solving some Fairy tale problems using our number bonds and multiplication facts.

Woodgate have also been busy busy designing a new house for the 3 little pigs. They have been exploring a range of materials thinking about their properties and what they would be good for.


In PE we have been enjoying Gymnastics with Mr Weston. We have been working on our jumps, presentation and control. We love to get out the big apparatus and explore what we can do on them!



Another busy week in Woodgate! We have been practising our songs and dance for the Christmas play. We hope that all who watched today enjoyed it and look forward to our shows next Monday and Tuesday after school.

Just a note to parents that after Christmas our PE days will now be Mondays, Tuesdays and some Thursdays depending on our timetable that week. Please can all children have their PE in school on these days.

The children have had a wonderful first term at School and have been working very hard. Thank you to you all for making me feel very welcome at John Clare. I look forward to another exciting term after a restful break.

I hope that you have a Wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Miss Kulesza 🙂


This week we have been very busy sewing making our Christmas tree decorations. It was very hard when we got in a pickle with the thread.  -Josh

In Maths we have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. Can you guess the shape?

” It has 3 faces, no corners, 2 edges and it is 3D.” -Phoebe

In English this week we have been writing Christmas poems. We wrote our own acrostic poems which spelt CHRISTMAS! – Emily and Maddy

On Friday we wore our Christmas Jumpers,  and collected donations for the Christmas hamper.



What a great week in Woodgate this week! We have been problem solving in maths finding the missing number for addition and subtraction facts. The children have been working hard to learn their 2,5 and 10 times tables off by heart.

sam_2166 sam_2162

In English we read Michael Rosen’s poem ‘Don’t put the mustard in the custard’ and created our own silly rhyming sentences.

Jocelyn- “Don’t put the chair on the bear”

Josh- “Don’t put the frog on the dog”

Luke “Don’t bake the snake”

Florence “Don’t put the man in the can”


We are working towards making Woodgate’s own Silly Rhyming Book to share with the other children in school!


This week was anti-bullying week. We made worry dolls and a thought box that we can write messages in if we are worried or thinking about something. We also made a friendship wreath, thinking about the things we do to be  good friends. In Woodgate we have; kind smiles, kind hands, kind words and kind hearts. We always show that at John Clare we care!

sam_2145 sam_2146

It has also been Children in Need. We enjoyed dressing up in spots and playing games to raise money for children who need help!

Written by Poppy and Jasper



This week we had a special visitor come to teach us about sign language. She taught us to sign; our names, food, colours, drink, family, please and thank you. “I like learning to sign my name” Findlay. “I like to sign thank you and please” Ben E. We understood how deaf people communicate and what it is like to not hear.

Written by Findlay and Ben E



We have had a great first week back after Half term this and are ready for a busy term ahead. This week we have been very excited about Halloween and Bonfire Night and have been sharing lots of exciting things we have been doing with our families. In art we explored using paint to make Fireworks paintings which we will share with you in our Class Assembly next Thursday. In science we have been busy writing our clever clues for our Mystery Animals. Take a sneak peak at some of our Mystery Animals….

optimized-sam_1898optimized-sam_1908 optimized-sam_1901


Wow! What a fantastic first half term! All of the children have been working very hard in Woodgate and have been busy learning about our topic Busy Bodies. Thank you to everyone who has supported Woodgate this term and made me feel very welcome at John Clare. I hope you have a wonderful  and restful half term!



Woodgate have had a fantastic week with a special visitor coming to tell us all about her job. As our topic is Busy Bodies, we have been thinking lots about how our bodies work and what we can do to help us stay fit and healthy. Mrs Walls came in to visit us to share with us some of the equipment she uses in her job as a Nurse. We had a great fun; testing our blood pressure, checking temperatures, learning how to bandage body parts and explored the job as a nurse!

optimized-sam_1579 optimized-sam_1577 optimized-sam_1571 optimized-sam_1566 optimized-sam_1560 optimized-sam_1607

  7th October

Dear Parents/ Carers, we have had busy week in Woodgate! We have been thinking all about Autumn and Harvest. We did some Autumn paintings and pictures and went on a nature walk.  We had a great time at the church for Harvest Festival and shared some of our Harvest Poems and pictures.

In maths we have been learning about ‘more and less’ comparing numbers. We used our crocodile signs to decide which was the most and which was the least. Take a look at our photos….

optimized-sam_1489 optimized-sam_1490 optimized-sam_1492 optimized-sam_1505

W/C 26/9/16

We have had a great week in Woodgate! This week’s focus has been ‘Helping others’ and Woodgate have been fantastic at this. They have been focused at class challenges in Maths and English and challenging themselves and others.

WOW! I was so impressed with all of Woodgate’s wonderful learning logs. A lot of time and effort has gone into them and we all enjoyed sharing these together on Friday.  Take a look in our Learning Log Gallery to see the fantastic work the children have done.

Just a reminder that PE is on Tuesday’s and Friday’s and while the weather is treating us well, we will be doing outside PE. Please send your child with appropriate PE kit.

We look forward to another great week in Woodgate!

Welcome to Woodgate 2016

We have had a fantastic start to the term starting off with our Big Art Week- ‘Working together’

Over the week we have been playing team games, creating class jigsaw pieces, collaging a giant body and making up a dance which we will share in Family Assembly. Woodgate have been working together to get to know the new workshops in our classroom and planning lots of exciting things to do this coming term.

Woodgate have been learning a new dance – September 2016

Woodgate’s class assembly – Spring Term 2016

Woodgate have had a very exciting first 2 weeks back at school.  We have been busy learning lots of information about each other and learning new routines.

Our topic this half term is Furry Friends and we are very excited that ‘Woodgate Vet Surgery’ is now open and has already had a number of animals visit to be checked over and looked after.

Please note our PE days are as follows:

Tuesday – Indoor PE.

Friday – Outdoor PE

(Please make sure you have the correct kit for PE)

We look forward to sharing with you over the year the activities and Wow! moments that we have in Woodgate!

Spring Term 2015

So far this term Woodgate have been extremely busy.

Our topic is Fairytales and we have enjoyed reading, role playing and sequencing all the different tales together.  Our role play area is Jack’s cottage from Jack and the Beanstalk and we also have a beanstalk leading from Jack’s garden right through to the Giant’s castle in Buttercross.


The children have written a fantastic alternative fairytale involving a friendly giant who lives in New York City.  The giant sees a deserted island whilst up the Statue of Liberty and decides to explore it.  But once he is there something terrible happens and he seeks help from an enormous octopus.

Maths this term we have been concentrating on measuring.  We have used a range of different apparatus to measure porridge for the three bears, how many chairs can fit in the three bear living room and how long our corridor is to the hall.

In Science this half term Woodgate have been exploring different materials.  We have identified a number of materials in and around school, how to describe these and we even designed a waterproof outfit for Little Red Riding Hood to wear on her walk to her Granny’s house.

Please ensure your child has PE kit on the following days:

Tuesdays – Indoor PE.  Black shorts and a white t-shirt.

Fridays – Outdoor PE.  White t-shirt, shorts or tracksuit bottoms, a PE jumper, socks and trainers.

Autumn Term 2014

A very warm and happy welcome to Woodgate class this term!

We have got a very and exciting term ahead of us.

Our first topic to start the school year is Busy Bodies.  We will be investigating the ins and outs of our body parts and functions.  Everyone will have the change of becoming a doctor, nurse and patient in our very own ‘Woodgate Surgery’ which I suspect will become extremely busy as the nights get darker and the weather gets colder!

Date for the diary – On Monday 13th October Key Stage One are being visited by 2 children’s community nurses from the local hospital.

In Maths we are exploring school for numbers we can use as we concentrate this term on addition and subtraction.

Handa’s Surprise, Farmer Duck and Owl Babies are some familiar and popular books we will be sharing as a class this half term.  We will be using adjectives to describe the characters and settings in the stories, role playing the sequence of the story and even writing our own versions of them.

Please ensure your child has PE kit on the following days:

Tuesdays – Indoor PE.  Black shorts and a white t-shirt.

Fridays – Outdoor PE.  White t-shirt, shorts or tracksuit bottoms, a PE jumper, socks and trainers.

Date for the diary – Thursday 13th November you are invited to come and watch Woodgate’s Class Assembly.  We will be showing the school all of what we have been learning this term so far.

We have definitely got a fantastic term to look forward to and I know the children are ready and raring to learn!

Spring Term in Woodgate

We had an extremely busy Spring Term in Woodgate.  Our topic was Heroes and Villains.  The children worked very hard making capes, masks, researching the countries our superheroes came from and finding out about the Evil Doctor Homework!!

Woodgate’s secret superheroes were very resilient and reflective this term through all their missions and hard work.  At the end of the term they had earned Golden Time.  The children chose to have a Teddy Bear Picnic.  We played ‘Musical Bears’, ‘Bear Hug Tag’, had a picnic, ‘Teddy Bear Launching’ and parachute games.

During the Summer Term Woodgate are looking forward to learning all about Nocturnal Animals.  We are building a night time forest in our classroom and are excited about the facts we will find out.

Woodgate’s Weekly Newsletter – Week 2 29th November

Well, what a busy week in Woodgate! You will all be happy to hear that Chippy the elf did make his way back to our classroom after the children were sent some magic elf dust from Santa to help Chippy.  However, the children were very concerned that somebody might accidentally touch Chippy again so they decided to make some ‘Marvellous Magic Elf Medicine’.  The children used lots of different ingredients including: bubbles, sparkles and glitter.  Using measuring jugs the children accurately measured out each ingredient for Chippy’s medicine and carefully mixed it together for us to keep in the classroom for emergencies.  We had a very close call with Mrs Bacon thinking the medicine was a colourful drink, but the children stopped her just in time otherwise she might have been able to fly to the North Pole too!

At the start of the week Woodgate were sent a letter from Santa with some very sad news, he has lost his dog Snowflake.  We have searched high and low for Santa’s dog, with a mid week sighting of her by Mrs Good in Glinton, however we think this may have been a false alarm as she has still not been found.  The children have written fantastic descriptive ‘Lost’ signs to help Santa find his beloved dog Snowflake and we have posted these around school in the hope that somebody might have some information for us.  We will keep you updated on the situation.

Woodgate’s Vet Surgery is open and extremely busy.  This week the vets have dealt with dogs that needed some medicine, cats with broken legs and even poorly meerkats!  We are very proud to announce that we have a brand new X-ray machine that was carefully invented and built by: Jessica, Caitlin, Marie and Lorri.  The machine has been really useful in helping our vets treat the poorly pets that are coming to visit us.

On Thursday this week we celebrated Thanksgiving.  We learnt the story of why we have Thanksgiving and the children also told everyone what they were thankful for.  Woodgate are a very thankful class, from being thankful for their Mums and Dads taking them to dance and swimming lessons to being very thankful for their bed time stories.  We then used our hands and fingers to paint Thanksgiving turkeys.  Jessica bought in a delicious colourful cake to share with everyone in the class too.

Well I am exhausted after this week and I cannot believe how quickly the term is going, it will soon be Christmas! I am looking forward to hearing whether Santa has found Snowflake over the weekend and also our class trip to Woodgreen Animal Shelter on Tuesday, don’t forget your packed lunch!

See you on Monday

Miss Brown


Woodgate’s Weekly Newsletter – Week 1 22nd November

Welcome to Woodgate’s first weekly newsletter! Each week we will explain what we have been up to and all of what we have explored together.

This week is Anti-Bullying week.  We have shared with each other how to be a good friend and started our ‘Good Deed’ door in the classroom.  The children are very eager to be able to write something for this door, when they have helped a friend, been a good friend and also when we praise each other.  It is a lovely way to see how the children in Woodgate really take care of each other and are being fantastic friends too.  The story ‘Don’t be a Bully Billy’ has been read many times this week with the children role playing how to be a good friend and what we should do if we ever meet a bully or thought someone was being unkind.

I’m sure you have all heard about our class elf Chippy who has been sent to us by Santa to help us with our writing and get ready for Christmas.  We have been receiving daily letters and jokes (What do Snowmen eat for breakfast? Frosted Flakes!) from Chippy and Santa Claus.  Woodgate have decided that Chippy needs to come to their handwriting lessons with Mrs Smith as his writing is terrible and he gets his letters the wrong way round all the time! However, on Friday morning Chippy was accidentally touched (Chippy must NEVER be touched) and he has had to go to the Elf Hospital in the North Pole.  Hopefully he will be back and well again by Monday morning with all his magic.

On Thursday we braved the cold weather and explored different habitats that we could find around school.  We looked around the playground and in the nature area at the front of school.  The children found some wonderful mini beast habitats.  Woodgate then went on to learn about the different habitats that animals live in and why they live there.

After a busy and exciting week in Woodgate I hope you all have a restful weekend and are ready to start all over again on Monday.

See you on Monday

Miss Brown

Welcome to Woodgate!

The children have made an excellent start to the year and have settled into their new routines and classroom quickly.  We have been extremely busy and have already learnt and explored a great deal.

Our first topic was ‘The Great Fire of London’.  The children were very excited to start this topic and have thoroughly enjoyed learning about: how the fire started, what the houses were like in 1666, how the fire was fought and the strange things people did to protect their belongings from the fire (like hiding their parmesan cheese and wine in their garden!)  Woodgate built their own houses based on the research they did about the structure and materials of the houses around the time of the fire.  Some children made a bakery where the fire started, a church as St Paul’s cathedral was badly damaged and houses made from wood.

We have done some fantastic writing for our exciting topic, learning about the features of a non fiction text, making our own Great Fire of London non fiction books and leaflets advising people how to survive the fire.

marie house 

The local fire brigade visited our class as the children were interested in finding out about the equipment our modern day fire fighters use compared to what they had over 300 years ago.  We learnt a lot about fire safety: how to call 999, how to react to dangerous situations and what we should do in a fire.

Woodgate were very lucky that the fireman agreed to safely show us how quickly a fire would have spread in London in 1666.  We positioned the houses we had made together in a tight group as they were built very close to each other.  The fireman started the fire in the bakery in Pudding Lane and we watched how quickly the fire spread to the houses and churches close by and how the wind made the fire worse.  The firemen then used the safety equipment and hose from their fire engine to carefully put the fire out.  The children all agreed that The Great Fire of London would not burn so quickly nowadays as the firemen are better equipped to fight fires.

Our super scientists have been investigating different sources of light.  The children explored the school to find different sources that we use everyday.  Woodgate then moved on to look at how light can pass through different types of materials, we came to the conclusion that transparent objects and materials let light through more easily.  The children decided to use tin foil as a material to help the Wicked Witch of Woodgate be seen in the dark when she went out Trick or Treating.

The children have enjoyed playing tag rugby with Mr Keenan outside during their PE lessons and during our indoor sessions we have been balancing on different parts of our bodies and sequencing balances.

Woodgate are looking forward to their next half term which will be filled of different topics, investigations and the exciting thoughts of Christmas!