Key Stage 2 Curriculum

At John Clare Primary we are proud of all of the achievements our children make.  We aim to inspire them to want continue to learn and achieve throughout their lives.  We run a two year curriculum that is based around the guidance from the National Curriculum and the interests of our children.  As a school we feel that it is important that children have the opportunity to undertake open ended activities that enables them to learn through the  practical application of their learning.

We have incorporated the ‘Building Learning Power’ approach into our planning and curriculum.  The children learn about ‘Resourcefulness’, ‘Reciprocity’, ‘Resilience’ and ‘Reflectiveness’; these 4 ‘Rs’ help the children to develop not only their understanding but how they work together and apply their knowledge.

New Curriculum Planner for KS2 Topics

Autumn Term

                        A (even) from Sept 2014                                                  B (odd)
Term Curriculum area Y3/4 Y5/6 Y3/4 Y5/6
Autumn Theme Victorian ChildrenHistory/Geography Focus The Industrial RevolutionHistory/Geography Focus Ancient EgyptiansHistory Focus The Frozen PlanetGeography Focus
English Text types:Non-Fiction – Census/School log booksFiction: Victorian School, The Dancing Frog (books by the same author – Quentin Blake)

SPAG – Basic sentence structure

Text types:Non fiction – Robert Stephenson /Industrial revolution/inventionsFiction: Street Child, Railway children

SPAG – Super sentences


Text types:Non fiction: Howard Carter’s diaryFiction: The Owl who was afraid of the dark


Text types:Non fiction: Scott’s exploration – what can we gain from his diary’sFiction: The Rainbow Bear, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Author study: CS Lewis)

Poetry: Northern Lights

Science Ourselves/Animals/TeethTeeth & Healthy EatingMoving & Growing

Habitats 1

Dissolving and ChangeLight, Power & Electricity  Characteristics of MaterialsSolids, Liquids & how they can be SeparatedKeeping Warm AdaptationLife Cycles & Reproduction 
Humanities Victorian children at school/Local study of education in HelpstonTrip – Stibbington Victorian Day Impact of the railways and the Industrial Revolution in the Victorian era, nationally and with reference to HelpstonLook at changes to the landscape and resources. Ancient EgyptiansWater and Water CycleThe River Nile and the River Nene (Stibbington visit)


The Frozen PlanetNorth and south polesChanges in day length

Effects of our daily lives on the polar regions


RE The Church Year – How has Christianity shaped our year?Is Christmas a festival of light or love? Why is Jesus an inspirational leader for some people?How have people of faith influenced our society? Barnado etc


Sacred texts – Why is the Bible so important to some people?How does the Torah influence the lives of Jewish people?



Does a religious faith influence our response to our planet? Creation & Stewardship of our planet? Christian focusWhat makes charity a feature of most religions?
PE Attack and DefenceGymnastics Team  gamesGymnastics Attack and DefenceGymnastics Team  gamesGymnastics
Art/DT Painting of frogsInk/washColour – tones and shades

Drawing – Victorian portraits, figures in relations

Moving figures with hinges using patterns/templates

Textiles – weaving




Christmas Fayre preparation

Sculpture – salt dough headsPapyrusSketching and line drawing DrawingWatercoloursConstruction with cams

Christmas Fayre preparation



New Curriculum Planner for KS2 Topics

Spring Term

                          A (even) from Sept 2014                                                  B (odd)
Term Curriculum area Y3/4 Y5/6 Y3/4 Y5/6
Spring Theme EnvironmentScience Focus Keeping HealthyScience Focus Rocks and SoilsScience Focus Rainforest/South America Science/Geography Focus
English Text types:Non fiction: Persuasive writing re wind farmFiction: Iron Man – writing in the style of Ted Hughes

Poetry – themed based linked to school/environment

Text types:Fiction – There’s a boy in the girl’s bathroomNon fiction – famous scientist explanatory texts – Pasteurisation/Jenner

Poetry – Poems about bullying

Text types:Non fiction: Descriptive writingFiction: Stig of the dump

Poetry: Haiku



Text types:Non fiction:  Animal fact files, DarwinFiction:            The Great Kapok Tree/Sharma’s Apprentice


Science Solar powerCircuits and conductors Micro OrganismsHealth Light & ShadowsRocks & Soils Evolution and Inheritance 
Humanities EnvironmentAlternative Energy forms (debate on wind farms etc) 


Locating continents and riversEffect of deforestation on the AmazonIndigenous people – culture, traditions, way of life
RE What is it like to be a Sikh in Peterborough?Special buildings – Why do believers worship together? How can we build a more respectful Peterborough?How are milestones in life celebrated in different religions?


RE – Christianity1) The Church and its people – Why do some people go to Church and others don’t?Is Easter a festival of new life or sacrifice?


What can the stories and images of deities tell us about Hindu beliefs about God?How and why do Hindu’s worship at home and at the Mandir in Peterborough?
PE DanceRugby/hockey DanceOutdoor games – rugby/hockey/football DanceRugby/hockey DanceOutdoor games – rugby/hockey/football
Art/DT Super chick DTMothers day watercoloursDavid Hockney portraits

Andy Galsworthy – chair for a country cousin

Incorporate bulbs into a model  – construction of a chair for the Iron Man (linked to Science)

DrawingPrintingSuper chick DT

Construction – moving vehicles

Super chick DTCave ArtVan Gogh light

Making shadow puppets with a moving part

DrawingSuper chick DTBirds – 3D and sheet material


New Curriculum Planner for KS2 Topics

Summer Term

                          A (even) from Sept 2014                                                  B (odd)
Term Curriculum area Y3/4 Y5/6 Y3/4 Y5/6
Summer Theme Anglo SaxonsHistory/Geography Focus The RomansHistory/Geography Focus The Stone AgeHistory Focus The Ancient GreeksHistory Focus
English Text types:Non fiction: Instructions, Recount of tripFiction: Beowolf (Classic Fiction)

Poetry: Kennings



Text types:Non fictions:  Argument?Fiction: Pompeii – A Roman girls diary/Escape from Pompeii/Plinny’s letters

Shakespeare stories


Text types:Non fiction: Recount of tripFiction: Stone Age boy; Stone Age, Bone Age

Poetry: John Clare Poetry Competition


Text types:Non fiction: Biography of Alexander the Great/ project based learningFiction: Greek Myths and Legends

Percy Jackson

Poetry: John Clare Poetry competition


Science Forces (inc friction)Magnets and springs  Properties and changes of materials Growing PlantsHelping Plants Grow WellSound


Earth and SpaceForces 
Humanities The UK and its constituent partsSettlement and Map Skills 

Anglo Saxons

(West Stow & Flag Fen Visit)


RomansVolcanoes and Earthquakes 



The Stone Age  Greeks – culture/civilisation/theatre
RE Islam – Why is prayer important to Muslims and not for some people?What can Christian’s learn from the life of Jesus? What can we learn from stories shared by Christians, Jews and Muslims?How is creation explained in the stories and myths from around the world? What is it like to be a Muslim in Peterborough today?How do festivals of faith shape our year? What influences the Jewish people?What common threads link the religions texts of the 5 major religions?
PE SwimmingAthleticsTennis/rounders SwimmingAthleticsTennis/rounders SwimmingAthleticsTennis/rounders SwimmingAthleticsTennis/rounders
Art/DT DT – making shieldsPattern/printing (linked to Islam)Textiles – cross stitch

Rune alphabet

DrawingSculptureTextiles Watercolours – botanical printsPortraits – the facePicasso


Making summer sandwiches

Food technology – Greek TavernaDrawingPattern