Netball/Football match report.

Netball/Football match report.

Written by Lucy, Lily and Isla- Bronze Ambassadors


What a brilliant day for all the netballers and footballers that went to compete against Newborough school. They explained that the match was a great experience and would love to do it again. Newborough were a great opposing team just as John Clare were. They were close games and everyone showed great sportsmanship. Sadly, football team lost 8-4 but did brilliantly, on the other hand the netball team drew 7 all with Newborough.

There were 6 children playing for the netball team-Lily, Lucy, Isla, Harrie,Jessica and last but not least Caitlin. And each and every one of them did exceedingly well. It was a close game against Newborough they did us very, very proud and hope to do it again (maybe even to win next time).


In the John Clare football team there were 6 pupils which were; Hamish, Sam, Archie, Joshua, Cameron and are only girl representative, Katie. They did John Clare very proud as they never gave up. Katie explained, ‘It was a good match but the other team were a challenge.’ They would all love to compete again.


What games they had! We are all happy for them and we hope you are too!