Broadwheel have created some amazing Learning Logs to share their learning on Anglo Saxon kings.


To launch our new topic some children have created their own song and dance.

Moon Man has made it to Earth!



We rushed to the scene to find out what happened!

There was; a policeman, a general, a fireman, a little girl and an ice cream seller! We took on a role and create a freeze frame from the book! We thought carefully about how our character was feeling and Miss Hunt tapped us on the shoulder so we could explain.

Here are some of our ideas.

Ice Cream Man: Excited because he might get to sell all his ice creams and make lots of money! Anxious because he wants to get there first.


Fireman: Worried because there might be a fire, so he better get there fast!


Busy week in Broadwheel!

This week we had our class assembly and it was very hectic! We have been learning all about the Victorians and decided to make an assembly to compare the 2; modern day and Victorian day!

We have practised ALOT. There were two teachers. Emily was the Victorian Teacher and Eva was Miss Hunt.

On Thursday 3rd November, we performed our assembly to the rest of the school and some of our parents!


We did a brilliant job!

(Rosie, Milly, Eva, Isla W and George) 


We have also been doing lots of Art!

We drew some commits based on the book Moon Man because Moon Man grabbed the tail of a shooting star to get to Earth!

 We drew and painted some commits. First we had to draw a commit. Second we painted the commit we drew in yellow and red. After it dried we went over in some orange paint using a cotton bud. Then it was a painting of a commit.


In art we have also sketched then painted

pumpkins using different shades of orange. This allowed us to practise using different colours in our paletes to change the shade of a colour. First we had to practise drawing pumpkins (it was not easy). Then we drew them up in neat and carefully painted them!


(Archie, Oliver, Sam, Jess and Emily)


Broadwheel’s Secret…..

In literacy Broadwheel have been learning about a book that is about the moon we don’t know what the title is though and Miss Hunt has kept it all a very big secret!

We’ve worked very hard together to learn all about the character and how he might be feeling in the story.

We made moons with sponges and grey and white paint on black paper it took 15 min. We used glitter glue pens for the shiny stars.We wrote words and phrases around the moon with silver pens to describe the moon. It was very creative! 

We also made a poem as a class! We wrote descriptive sentences about the moon and then upgraded these to make them even better! We moved them around until we had an amazing poem!

Broadwheel have really been enjoying learning about Moon Man!



Our Victorian Experience

We traveled back in time to Great Cressingham to experience what it was like to go to Victorian school! It was amazing!

We learnt about what toys they played with and how they learnt. The classroom was cold and dark but it was a super duper fun day.



img_20161003_122606582 img_20161003_112449534



Our English topic is about a story called:

The tunnel.bd8234c3905f6165c80c6bedae21510e

We did a conscience alley to try and convince Rose to go or not to go. down the tunnel!


We wrote our own place that the tunnel leads to. Some of us have very strange places that it leads to like subway and candy worlds some people even had KFC!


Now we have written what we think will happen.

For example:

Rose went through the tunnel and halfway she got to a Colosseum and there was a giant goblin with diamond armor and a diamond sword and Rose was given some armor and a sword and then some guards came out with her brother Jack. He was tied up and if she won they could go and if they lost the goblins would have for dinner.

(by Joshua, Harry, Emily and Jess)


Our Big Arts Topic is Working Together!

We have done lots of work working together and have really enjoyed ourselves!


We made a spider web of kind thoughts!


We were challenged to make a tower of cups without using our hands!


We made up a dance together to a High School Musical song!


We shared what we knew about the body by working together to draw outside!

What a wonderful start to 2016-2017! 😀

(Miss Hunt)


India vs The UK

We have been learning about India


(By Lorri and Joshua)


Life Cycle of a Plant!

We made projects in groups to show the Life Cycle of a plant! Some of us made models, poster and even a video!


(Video by Caitlin and Milly)



On the 12th May we all split up into groups of 14. Half of the class went into the hall and the rest of the class stayed in the classroom.

In the hall we were tasting French food. Like: Baguette,grapes,croissant,pate,brioche, brie, crepes, macaroons they were all really tasty. At the end of our delicious tasting everyone had to choose their favourite two foods from France.

Then we swapped over and wrote some facts about Vincent Van Gogh (a famous french artist) here are some facts about him: he was born on the 30th March 1815 and he died on the 29th January 1819, Vincent Van Gogh shot himself.


(Written by Marie and Hamish)


Queen’s Birthday!

On Wednesday afternoon we designed our own stamps.

As lots of stamps have the Queen’s face on, we designed our own stamps. Most of us put corgi’s on  our stamps because that is the queens favourite animal. We had to make our own background out of red white blue. On Thursday it was the Queen’s 90th birthday.

IMG_0260 IMG_0261 IMG_0266 

(written by Milly and Jack)


Plants, Plants, Plants!

In science we have a new topic. Our new topic is plants! We learnt all about the parts of the plants and their jobs.

We painted this huge plant for our display and labelled it with the parts of the plant and their jobs.


We learnt about;

The roots – they anchor the plant into the grown and take up nutrients and water from the soil!

The stem – holds the plant up straight and transports the water.

The flower – holds the pollen and attract insects so that pollination can take place.

Our Favourite Authors!

This week we have written to our favourite Authors! We thought carefully about what we wanted to tell them and what questions we wanted to ask. Although we might not all get a reply, we’re definitely very excited for them to hear from us!

Some of us have had to write to the relatives of authors, as they are no longer alive! But we think it’s just as important to remind people that we are still reading their books even today! 🙂

We LOVE reading!



Fascinating Fossils!

In art we have been making our very own fossils!

First we went outside and collected things from outside like sticks and stones. Then we printed them on clay and waited for them to dry. After they were dry, we painted them in different shades of grey. Everyone painted it very well and it was very fun. We had to take are time or it would go wrong.

Here are some pictures of our fossils.

 IMG_0129 IMG_0135 IMG_0114


(Written by George, Sam, Hamish and Milly)

Sport Relief

Today is sport relief. John-Clare-Primary-School were wearing  red.

Sport Relief is all about people who don’t have homes, money or clothes to wear so we change that by running and wearing red. We all dressed up in non school uniform and tried to wear a little red!

Sport Relief is when we raise money for poor people. At John-Clare-Primary we ran for five mins. We ran the length of the playground. Most of Broadwheel got tired! We ran in our house teams. We were not allowed to over take.

Our  P.E  teachers are Dave and Ryan helped us. They are very fun and they instructed the sports relief relay.

GO SPORT RELIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_0093 IMG_0095

(Written by Max, Eva, Paige, Rory and Nathan)



In English we have been learning about authors.

Archie’s favourite author is Roald Dahl he wrote a lot of books he wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr Fox, BFG and Danny the Champion of the World. Oscar’s favourite author is Antonia Fraser he wrote Oscar’s favourite book King Arthur and the knights of the round table. Archie’s other favourite author is David Walliams he wrote lots of books he wrote Billionaire Boy, Gangsta Granny, Demon Dentist.

We are also learning about Julia Donaldson in English!! We read monkey puzzle , super worm and room on the broom. We tried to convince each other to buy Julia Donaldson’s books! We love listening to her books!! Here’s a rhyme from… ROOM ON THE BROOM:The witch had a cat and a very tall hat,and ginger hair which she wore in a plait.How the cat purred and how the witch grinned,as they sat on the broom stick and flew through the wind.

(written by Oscar, Archie, Milly and Emily)

Yr 4 impact in writing

In Broadwheel Yr4 have been doing some impact in writing. Impact in writing is when you start planning and improving their writing. We start the draft at home and write the actual one at school with miss Hunt. Yr4 will have a celebration on the 15th of march with their parents.

(written by Caitlin and Lily)


This term we have been learning about angles in maths and the three types of angles are right angle and  acute angle and obtuse angle. Obtuse angles are an angle bigger than 90 degrees and 90 degrees is a right angle. Acute angles are less than 89 degrees. Obtuse angles are 91 degrees or more to 180 degrees.

We each made a Right angle measure and tried to find some Right angles around the classroom. 

(Written by Archie, Oscar, Emma and Joshua)

Our Class Assembly – Feb 2016

On Thursday we did our class assembly. We shared some of the things we have been learning about so far this term. First it was Topic. As you know our topic is The Stone Age. We showed our Stone Age Homes that we did in Topic. Next we had English we showed our non-Chronilogical Report. After that Maths. Next up science in science we showed our fossil forms and shared facts about rocks which is our topic in science please watch the video at the end!

(Written by Jess G, Maddison, Eva and Max)


Non-chronological reports!

In Broadwheel we have been learning about non-chronological reports in English. We wrote a plan and then wrote our final piece on some yellow paper. We chose some pictures and stuck them on the page. This is what a non-chronological report looks like.


We did are non-chronological reports about the stone age. Here are the features of a non-chronological report’s.

Third person, pictures, facts, questions, topic words, subheadings and title and complex sentences.

(written by Katie, Isobel and Isla)

from Miss Hunt – The children have had a very busy week and I wish everyone a fabulous half term! 😀

Helpston Church Visit

We went to the village church (St Botolphs) on Tuesday 2nd of February. As a class it was very exciting meeting Reverend Dave and listening to the church history. We asked  Dave questions about the Church. Churches are places for Christians to prayer and worship in.We went to visit a church and it looked like this.


(Joshua, Caitlin and Hamish)

Our very own published books!

We wrote our own stories which were inspired by a book called Stone Age Boy.

First we wrote our story in our English books,then we typed our story on word. After that we got some paper and printed our stories, then we stuck our words onto a sheet of paper, next we drew pictures on the sheet of paper then we wrote a blurb.

Here is an example:

One day something weird happened to me. I was playing at the joyful park on the roundabout all on my own.A while later a bunch of boys came along and started pushing me faster and faster until I got flung of and into a ginormous mole hole.

was in THE STONE AGE……

IMG_0670     IMG_0671

Max and Sam with their Stone Age books!

(Eva, Jack, Nathan and Isobel)



Stone Age Stories

Broadwheel have written stone age stories about going back in time. They were inspired by the story “ STONE AGE BOY”. The stories were based on a person from modern times traveling back to the stone age.


One amazing sunny morning I was watching tv when a stone age program came on. Suddenly I got sucked in the tv….

Everyone wrote a story. It was fun writing the stories.

Come to Broadwheel to read more!

Stone Age Boy

(Written by George, Caitlin and Oscar)

It’s hard work being a Neanderthal!!

We have been learning about the stone age and we have learnt that the stone age is split into three periods: the paleolithic, mesolithic and the neolithic period. If they didn’t survive then we wouldn’t be around now!! 

This week we learnt about stone age food. We went outside to collect some food (just like real life hunter-gathers!). We collected herbs, berries, plants and even sticks and stones to cook the food.

The stone age people also ate horse, mammoth and other animals. Not just to eat but to wear and to make stuff as well. If you find it disgusting just remember one of the stone age people might be your great great say great grandfather or grandma.


(Written by Rory, Harrie and Emily)


Learning Logs
I am SUPER impressed with the children’s learning log homework!

The Stone Age learning logs the children in Broadwheel are creating are incredible! I am so impressed with all of the hard work and effort the children are putting in to create informative and creative pieces of work.


Oscar’s Stone Age Shelters work.


Eva’s Stone Age clothing work.


Lily’s Stone Age Cave!


Harrie’s Cave Painting and Stone Age Jewellery!


Maddison’s Stone Age outfit!

I will be sure to update this entry with some examples of the children’s written pieces of work as they too are amazing!

(Written by a very proud Miss Hunt)


This week…..

Rugby fun and Cave Painting antics! 


In PE we are doing Tag Rugby.

This week in tag rugby we learnt to do a cradle pass and a pop pass.

We have done a lot of games in PE.

We also played a new game called sticky witches it was great!!!

Sticky witches was our favourite game.

(Written by Nathan, Jack and Cameron)

Stone Age Cave Painting

In topic we  have been learning about The Stone Age, recently we have done cave painting!

We worked in groups to make a cave painting story. We planned it out first and then we got to transfer it to the ‘wall’.

The story was :

I was out in the forest picking berries when I saw a deer in the distance. I grabbed my bow and took aim. I fired and hit the deer in the stomach. I went over and cheered with glee!

We used powder paint and water and mixed them together. We were not allowed paint using paint brushes because they didn’t have them millions of years ago! Instead we used sticks, cottenbuds (instead of our fingers) and lollypop sticks.

Here are what some of them turned out like!

(written by Jessica B, Marie, Eva and Milly)



Our New Topic
The Stone Age

Our class is learning about The Stone Age.We would like to tell you some facts.

  • The stone age started around 2,500,000 years ago.
  • It was split into three periods called the:Neolithic, Mesolithic and the Paleolithic.
  • They wore animal skin and leather shoes.
  • They made spears out of wood and stone.
  • They used fire to scare of animals.
  • They used bones to make jewellery.
  • They wouldn’t waste any of the animal that they ate.

We did a cave painting using our hands and a sponge for our display. This is what it turned out like:  


We are really excited to learn more about The Stone Age.

(Written by; Isla and George, Sam and Lorri)


The Christmas Fayre

On Friday 4th of December we took part in the Christmas Fayre. We raised money for WWF. We worked in teams to make games. These were the games we made;

Penguin Skittles
Guess how many Penguins?
Pin the bow tie  on the Penguin
Find the South Pole
Magnetic Fishing

We took it in turns to look after our stalls so that people knew what to do! We used our literacy skills to write instructions on how to play our games.

On the day we made a grand total of…..






Broadwheel impress with their Egyptian dancing

Day Two of The Apprentice in Broadwheel… 

Today we were asked to collect Market Research. We talked about what Market Research was and who our specific market was! We decided that it was the other children in the school.


So, we worked in our project teams to decide on a question that we wanted to ask our Target Market.


We decided to gather our data using a tally chart!


Finally we visited some of the other classes to ask them our questions and discover the answer!

IMG_0416       IMG_0415


This week Broadwheel have a mission from Lord Sugar himself!

IMG_0396 IMG_0401

Lord Sugar has asked the class to help Torpel with their Christmas Fayre fundraising!

We have to work in teams to make and advertise a game.

IMG_0398 IMG_0403

Today Lord Sugar gave us our first Task: to write a list of items we need and to begin making our games. We will keep you updated on our progress leading up to Friday!


Our adventure at The Fitzwilliam Museum!

We were able to look at and explore real Ancient Egyptian artefacts. We saw; Egyptian board games, pencil cases and pens, coffins, sarcophagi, cat statues, Egyptian jewellery, mummified kittens, Ibis and falcons and even a real preserved human mummy that was over 2000 years old!

By looking at Ramesses III’s sarcophagus we were able to learn all about the afterlife and how it was important for Pharaohs to have people to protect them.

We were even able to go to the gift shop and use our maths reasoning skills to buy some items. There were lots of things to choose from, but most of us bought papyrus and a quill.


 IMG_0352 IMG_0368

We had a fantastic time!


Our trip to Arthur Mellows Village College

On Wednesday this week we went to Arthur Mellows to take part in a dance and gym festival. At the festival there were other schools showing us dances they had been practicing. There was another school who were also learning about the Egyptians and they did an Egyptian drama piece.


We performed an Egyptian dance to the song Walk like an  Egyptian by the Bangles. We have been practicing for six long weeks so that we could perform our very best.

To make our self look more like Egyptians we made our own Egyptian bracelets and wore face paint. Who knew Mrs Morris had such a talent for face painting!!



We got to watch some of the Arthur Mellows students perform some of the dances they have been learning. These included freestyle, ballet, street dance, gymnastics and contemporary.

Miss Hunt was very proud of us and we had a lot of fun!

(written by Broadwheel – scribed by Marie)


Our Class Assembly

 It was the 93rd anniversary of the discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb on the day of our assembly! So we did our class assembly all about the Ancient Egyptians.

“I really enjoyed the dance because it was fun and we had to practice for a long time!” – Poppy

“I enjoyed the part where Sam (Lord Carnarvon) was really annoyed!” – Eva

“I liked it when the dancer walked across the stage with the signs because it looked funny!” – Rory

“I really enjoyed hearing everyone’s lines!” – Jessica B

We were able to share with our family and friends what we had been learning in Broadwheel.

This included; Cartouche’s, mummification process, Pyramids, our mummified tomatoes, Tutankhamen posters, recounts of the discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb and some facts we have been learning.

(written by Broadwheel – scribed by Miss Hunt)


This half term in Broadwheel!


Our Cartouche’s!

A cartouche is a way of showing that someone is a Pharaoh. The Pharaoh’s name was written inside it using hieroglyphics.

We wrote our names in hieroglyphics on papyrus all the way from Egypt.  The papyrus was made from the papyrus plant. We used a hieroglyphics alphabet to write our name. Then we coloured them in using the correct colours.

Here are some examples!

 IMG_0057 IMG_0063 IMG_0087

(written by Broadwheel – scribed by George)


Mummifying a Tomato!

We decided to test out the mummification process on a tomato. Instead of buying 28 tomatoes we worked in pairs!

We will now tell you the steps we took:

Step 1: We made some Natron out of bicarbonate of soda and salt.

Step 2: Next we made a hole and took out the juice and seeds.

Step 3: After that we weighed our tomatoes.

Step 4: We wiped the tomato with a wipe and then we stuffed it with Natron.

Step 5: Finally we put it in a bag full of Natron and hid it away in the group room.

IMG_0227 IMG_0229


Broadwheel will look back at them after half term!

(written by Broadwheel – scribed by Eva)


We have a new class target!

To learn and recall our times table facts effectively.

Our homework this week is a little bit of revision of some of the times tables.

In school we are going to work really hard to improve our times tables! We can even give Miss Hunt, Mrs Morris and Miss Cole house points if they get their times tables right around school! (Don’t worry we can earn them too!)

But extra help at home would be very helpful! 😀

Thank you

Broadwheel Class!


Welcome back to Broadwheel! 

So far this term we are having lots of fun; learning about Ancient Egypt, Solids and Liquids and A Time Traveling Cat!

This is just a small update about Homework and Parent/Teacher contact.

Homework will be set on a Friday

  • Maths – Once a week
  • Learning Log – Once fortnightly

Maths homework will be due in the Wednesday after it is set. (5 days after set date)
The Learning Log activity will be due in the Friday after it is set. (once week after set date)

Parent Teacher Contact

If you are aware that your child will going home with a friend, if you simply either let me know at the door or pass the message on through your child that would be very helpful.

Please continue to use the home-contact book to pass on any other matters! In Broadwheel it’s the children’s responsibility to remember to show Mrs Morris or I their book if their is a message.

At the end of the day I will continue to stand by the door and call the children out. This helps me get to know everyone’s faces and pass on any messages I have for parents.





Welcome back to a new term in Lower KS2 at John Clare School.

Our Topic for this term is POWER.  In Science, Mrs Myatt will be looking at alternative forms of energy, and investigating their uses around the world.  The class will then go on to learn more about electricity, and in particular circuits and conductors.   In Literacy, the children will read a modern classic – ‘The Iron Man’ – and write our own ending to the book.  We will try to continue in the style of Ted Hughes. This book will give us chance to reflect on how we treat the world’s resources and how we can best sustain them.

We will also think about the PERSUASIVE POWER of words and how we can use these to form an argument.  This will culminate in a short debate, allowing the children to show what they have learned.

In Art we will continue weaving and sewing, before we go on to look at Aboriginal art and then create our own images based on their techniques.

Now that we have learned how to greet one another in German, how to introduce ourselves and how to count to 12, we will move on to learning colours, months of the year and the numbers to 31.  We will also think about our birthdays.

I am looking forward to lots of brilliant work in the coming term and there will be an opportunity to share this with you during our Parents Evenings on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 March.  Of course, I am happy to chat with you at any time about your child and am available most afternoons (except Tuesday).


STOP PRESS – Broadwheel Class Assembly Spring Term – date to be announced ASAP.  This will also include an opportunity to Stay and Share.




It was good to welcome everyone to Broadwheel Class today –  our new Year 3 children and our returning Year 4s.  We have an exciting half term ahead!

Our Topic is the Victorians, and our key question to answer is:  What was it like to go to school here in Victorian times?  We will be spending the morning at Peterborough Museum looking at artefacts and mystery objects from Victorian times. (Tuesday 23rd September) We will learn about the lives of children living in the village in 1871, and find out about a school day when we visit the working Victorian school in Great Cressingham, Norfolk.  The date for this visit is Tuesday 7th October – more details to follow very soon.

In Literacy we will read some of the works of the author and illustrator, Quentin Blake.  We will write recounts and diaries and look at how to improve our sentences.  We will also practise our fact finding skills using our laptops, chromebooks and Hudls.

The Science topic for the first half term is Moving and Growing, so the children will be finding out more about the skeleton and our vital organs.

Exciting times for Broadwheel this year as we introduce the German language to the children via songs, games and role play – we are all looking forward to dipping into this new language at John Clare.

In Art, we will practise paint mixing and drawing.  We will also look at the work of a Victorian artist and have a go at weaving and cross stitch.

P.E. takes place on Wednesdays and Fridays as before, with Mr Keenan and Mrs Myatt respectively.

All in all a fantastic term to look forward to, and I know our children will enjoy the learning this term.


Broadwheel Class Assembly on Thursday 23 October.




Second Half of the Summer Term

Perhaps the most exciting thing about this half term is that we go swimming!


Broadwheel Class will have their regular swim sessions on Wednesday afternoons (beginning 11 June) and we will also try to use the pool on Tuesday mornings (not the 10 or 17 June) where we can.  Please have your children’s swimming kit in for these two weekly sessions.


We will continue with our Tudor Topic for a little while longer – we have model houses to make after all!  The children will also be doing a project of their own choosing, on the Tudor theme.  I am looking for a good variety of topics: Elizabethan Theatre, Exploration, Fashion, Tudor Games and Pastimes, Medicine and Crime and Punishment for example.  This activity will help with our research skills and will enable us to present an illustrated report.


The World Cup will soon be upon us and we will be looking at the countries involved, and their world cup history.  Again, the children will do individual projects to consolidate their skills.


In Science, we have helped plants to grow well, we have planted them out and we are trying to propagate new plants from old – we will keep you posted on how these survive.  The next few weeks will see the class looking at Habitats.


We continue to learn our challenging songs for the First World War Centenary concert to be held on 25 June – Broadwheel Class have done really well with this project, and we are very proud of their efforts.  If you are not able to join us at the Kingsgate concert, then you will still have the opportunity to hear a selection of the songs at our John Clare Music Evening.


Another busy half term in lower Key Stage 2!!




First Half of the Summer Term

After a hectic 7 weeks, the children thoroughly deserve a super Easter break, and I hope that they return to school refreshed and ready for some great learning.

The first part of the summer term will see Broadwheel Class beginning their new topic:  The Tudors.  We will find out what makes this dynasty such an important part of our country’s history, and how Henry VIII and Elizabeth I were such a great influence.  Later in the term we will be visiting England’s most notable Elizabethan home – Burleigh House – and discovering what life was like for rich and poor at the time.  Our Artwork will feature portraits and we will attempt to paint our very own Tudor style portrait!  In Design Technology we will create model Tudor houses.

In Music, we will be focusing our attention on singing.  Key Stage 2 are taking part in a Peterborough singing event to celebrate the centenary of the First World War.  This will take place at Kingsgate Community Church on the evening of Tuesday 24th June and features 10 primary schools from the area combining their voices.  We have also invited the coordinator, Will Prideaux to lead a singing session in school – a very exciting prospect.

The science of growing plants and helping them to thrive will be a feature of this half term’s work in Science.  Children will continue to develop their investigation and testing skills throughout the term.

Our Writing skills are really improving, and to encourage this progress we will focus on sentence construction and punctuation skills.  We will also look at spelling rules and conventions to help us write independently.  Towards the end of the half term, the class will complete their formal assessments in Reading and Writing, giving them a chance to show their progress.

Next term, a feature of Maths will be learning the times tables, using a variety of methods.  We will also study the eight point compass, direction, angles and degrees.  Our homework revision sheets will continue.

As the weather improves (!!) we should be able to  be outside for our PE lessons more regularly, giving the children the opportunity for athletics, striking and fielding games  and more ball skills.

All in all lots to look forward to in a very busy 5 weeks!



Exciting Times after the Half Term Break

Broadwheel Class have worked incredibly hard since they returned to school after Christmas.  All staff who work in the class have been very impressed with the children’s determination and drive.  We have just finished the last remaining artwork from our Ancient Egyptians topic, and much of the children’s work is being displayed in the Learning Zone.

This week we are completing our Space stories and have had a great time making Lego models of our spacecraft.  To help our writing, we have been thinking about prepositions and how we can use them in super sentences.  Ask your child about the chocolate digestive biscuit lesson!

In Science, Mrs Myatt and the children have been exploring the moon and the sun:  we have been astounded at their knowledge, and their eagerness to learn more.

Next half term, our focus is again from the Science curriculum, as the children look more closely at Rocks and Soils.  To link this with Literacy, we read extracts from the classic story:  Stig of the Dump by Clive King.  In particular, we will look at descriptive writing.  We also continue our work with grammar and punctuation to improve  our sentence structure.

2D and 3D shape, area and perimeter, and the compass points will be the topics studied in Maths over the next 6 weeks.

In Art, we have a 6 week unit looking at drawing.  We will consider the skills required – from mark making to the finished piece of work. There will be lots of drawing and sketching from observation.

So, lots of fantastic learning to look forward to – not forgetting our Easter Technology Day in the final week.




Our Geography topic this half term is Rivers, so we have been finding out about the different stages of a river, the water cycle and looking in more detail at the Rivers Nene and Nile.  I have been very impressed with their first Learning Log homework, investigating a river of their choice.  Some children came up with really creative ways of showing what they had found out.  Our field trip to Stibbington will provide  the chance to do lots of practical work.



















What a busy half term we have had!  Our Topic this term has a Geography and History theme.  We began by looking at the 4 countries which make up the United Kingdom, and finding out more about East Anglia and the area in which we live.  We had a Learning Log homework of choosing a town or city in the UK and becoming an expert on it.

We have now moved on to discovering how the arrival of new settlers to these islands have shaped our landscape.  In particular we are looking at archaeological evidence and what we can learn from this.  Our trip to Flag Fen at the end of May should help us with lots of practical experience of digging for clues!  Every child has an Anglo Saxon name (some of which are tricky to pronounce!) and by studying maps of this area we have found lots of evidence in the names of settlements.