Home Learning

Welcome back to Broadwheel! 

So far this term we are having lots of fun; learning about Ancient Egypt, Solids and Liquids and A Time Traveling Cat!

This is just a small update about Homework and Parent/Teacher contact.

Homework will be set on a Friday

  • Maths – Once a week
  • Learning Log – Once fortnightly

Maths homework will be due in the Wednesday after it is set. (5 days after set date)
The Learning Log activity will be due in the Wednesday two weeks after it is set. (12 days after set date)


Parent Teacher Contact

If you are aware that your child will going home with a friend, if you simply either let me know at the door or pass the message on through your child that would be very helpful.

Please continue to use the home-contact book to pass on any other matters! In Broadwheel it’s the children’s responsibility to remember to show Mrs Morris or I their book if their is a message.

At the end of the day I will continue to stand by the door and call the children out. This helps me get to know everyone’s faces and pass on any messages I have for parents.


So far I am really enjoying my time in Broadwheel and look forward to the rest of this year!


Miss Hunt