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Class Information 

5th September 2018


Dear Parents/Carers,


We hope that you all had a fantastic summer holiday and we welcome everyone (old and new!)  to Torpel class. The children have had a brilliant first day in their new classroom and we are looking forward to a fun, learning-filled year ahead!


The following is for your information:


  • Staffing in Torpel:

This year, we will continue to have the support of Mrs Morris every day; she will be supporting the learning of all of the children and will be able to assist you with any concerns/queries you may have about your child in the event that I am unavailable. In addition, the children will also have contact with other teachers for the following subjects:

  • Art /DT with Mrs Simmons on a Tuesday afternoon.
  • PE session with Mr Weston/Total Sports Coaches on a Friday afternoon.


  • Home Learning

Year 5 children will be given a mathematics learning activity each week on a Friday and will be due back in the following Thursday. Year 6 children will be set pages to complete in their English (Reading and SPaG – Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) and Mathematics revision books; details of which will be stuck in their Home Contact book. As yet, we are still waiting for these books to arrive, so we will set alternative homework in the meantime.   Learning Logs are topic based and also given out of a Friday, however the children have an additional week to complete them (the due in date will be given on the Learning Log slip).  Please note that we usually have a Learning Log gallery on the due in date where the children share and review each other’s work. Examples of excellent Learning Logs are put on the Torpel section of the school website.


We encourage all children to complete their home learning tasks as independently as possible, but parent support is encouraged! The children will be asked to attend Home Learning Club on Friday lunchtime if tasks are not completed or are given in late without prior arrangement. Children may also attend this club to make an advance start on their tasks for the following week!


Please do not hesitate to contact me should your child have problems completing the activities or if they require computer access at school which we can arrange during lunchtime.  If your child required lots of support completing a home learning task, please bring this to our attention by annotating their work with ‘support given’.




  • Spellings

We do not give out lists of spellings for the children to learn in Torpel. Instead, spelling patterns and rules are learnt and practised in school. It is expected that once the children have investigated a spelling pattern/rule etc that they will apply this consistently in their everyday writing. The children also have their own Spelling Book which they use to record frequently mis-spelt words and topic vocabulary for reference.



  • Reading

The children have access to a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction texts in the school and class library; however they may also bring in books from home. We do keep a log in class of which books the children are reading to encourage them to read books in their entirety! Children will be listened to in class during guided reading sessions and by adults at other times. We do try and listen to children read individually as often as we can, usually weekly.


We are still finalising our Power of Reading at Home booklets, which we trialled last term and will update you on our new system ASAP. However, in the meantime, we still expect children to read aloud to an adult at home on a regular basis each week, even when reading fluently, and use this opportunity to discuss new vocabulary, the plot and characters.


Unfortunately, after being Torpel’s reading buddy for 8 years, Mrs Lapinskis is unable to continue to offer her support this year. If you are able to assist in class by listening to the children read, your help would be greatly appreciated – please let us know!


  • PE

PE will take place on a Monday morning and a Friday afternoon. Please ensure that your child has suitable kit for outdoor PE this half term.  On a Monday, children should come to school dressed in their PE kit (bringing their school uniform with them to change into afterwards). After their Friday afternoon session, the children will be dismissed in their PE kit as many of them attend our after-school sports clubs on this day. We will, of course, remind them to bring their uniform home!


  • Water bottles

Please ensure that your child has a labelled water bottle with them each day. It is important for learning that the children remain hydrated. Please ensure that they fill this at home each morning as the water fountain is in the main school building.


Thank you for your support. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries/concerns that you may have about your child.


Mrs Nicolson and Mrs Morris


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