Torpel’s Home Learning

Set:      5.4.19                      Due: 25.4.19


Power of Reading at Home

Please read to an adult at home regularly this week, discussing the text and noting observations/new words etc in your Power of Reading at Home booklet.


Year 5 mathematics

Please complete the activity sheet given to you on converting between fractions and decimals.




Year 6 revision tasks

In preparation for SATs, you are to now take responsibility for your own revision. You are expected to complete 2 tasks from each book every week up until SATs (1 double page in your Reading revision book). Please record the pages that you have completed in the table in the front of your revision book so that I can check. Remember to self-check your revision in a different coloured pen/pencil and please see me should you experience any problems or need any help. As your focus until May is your revision, your Learning Log tasks during this time are optional – please focus on your revision!


Learning Log Task


Set: 29.3.19                 Due: 25.4.19

This week we have been finding out about the human digestive system. Many of you wanted to know if the digestive systems of animals are the same, therefore, please select an animal of your choice and find out! I look forward to sharing what you have discovered!


Remember to present your findings creatively, in your own words and take care with spelling, punctuation and grammar!





Useful websites to help you with your home learning/revision:

BBC revise wise

Sum Dog

Channel 4 Learning

Woodlands Junior School


Please ask for help should you not understand any aspect of your home learning. You could also attend Home Learning Club on a Friday lunchtime should you wish to make an advanced start on your tasks!

Mrs Nicolson