‘Where the Wild Things Are’

June 2015

The Eco Warriors have started a very exciting project, working with wildlife, to plan how we can improve the wildlife area on our field.  The children want to be able to work with the community to be able to develop the space into a place that they can use during school time and that other people from the village can enjoy too.

The Eco Warriors presented their ideas at the Peterborough Eco Education Awards.  They explained, in detail, to the judges: the groups of people they are going to ask to help with the project, their individual plans for the area, photos of what the space looks like now and how they would like to use the area.

The judges were so impressed with the children’s enthusiasm regarding their plans for the wildlife area and how they are going to involve a range of volunteers from the community, so much so that they won the Eco Award for the ‘Land Use and Wildlife’ category.


Well done!

September 2015

12th September 2015 – John Clare Primary School’s Ground force Day

What a fantastic day! The whole of the wildlife area has now been cleared! A group of very eager volunteers worked extremely hard through the day to: chop down branches, empty and remove the existing pond, rake the ground, fill countless bags with waste, cut new walkways through the hedges, sand and paint the changing rooms, paint the gardening area and the list goes on!



volun5 volun4

volun3 vlun6

The results of the ground force day really are impressive…


before1 before2


wildlife finished

The children are now excited and eager to get their hands muddy and get stuck in to develop their wildlife area so they can use it for lessons and during play times.


Thank you again to the hard working group of volunteers from school and around the village who have helped us, so quickly, to be able to get into our wildlife area safely.