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Broadwheel Class

Welcome to Broadwheel Class! In this class are a mixture of year 3 and year 4 children. Mrs Myatt is the class teacher, but other adults help and support in the class. Mrs Dorcheh, Mrs Morris, Mrs Webb and Mrs Thompson often spend time in our class. Mr Weston is our P.E teacher and we have lessons with him twice a week.

We have a visual timetable that shows what we are going to be doing during the day. If you are lucky enough to succeed in being ‘secret student’, Salty the seal (our class mascot) will spend the whole day with you. We earn housepoints for positive behaviour and success in our work. On special occasions we earn a class marble, which collect in a jar ready for golden time.

We enjoy learning about lots of different topics. In history, for example, we have been learning about the Tudors and the Stone Age. In science we complete work in year groups. We have a lot of fun- often completing practical work. In Powermaths we are taught in year groups, using lots of wonderful resources to help us with our learning. We are lucky enough to have our own Chromebooks and we use these to enhance our learning.

Broadwheel is a happy classroom. Everyone is helpful and works as a team. We have a worry box and an emotion display to peg our feelings to. Mrs Myatt often calls us Brilliant Broadwheel!