At John Clare, we take care to:

Inspire a passion for learning,

 Nurture compassion for each other


Celebrate excellence and endeavour.

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Broadwheel class had a wonderful time planting trees in our outdoor spaces. A huge thank you to #PECT for helping to organise this brilliant day @SokeEdTrust @peterboroughtel @PiXLPrimary @Pboro_LTA @pboroschools


Some more of Team Swaddywell embracing nature and appreciating how fortunate they are to have such a wonderful school setting. They will enjoy watching these young saplings grow. A fabulous experience. 🙏 @SokeEdTrust @SustainablePECT @JohnClarePri


Swaddywell had a fantastic afternoon planting trees in the sunshine this afternoon! @JohnClarePri @SokeEdTrust @SustainablePECT


Year 6 have made a great start to our new orchard area on the school field. It was chilly, but they worked hard and really enjoyed the morning. @SokeEdTrust @peterboroughtel @PiXLPrimary @WoodlandTrust @Pboro_LTA @Mercury1712 @VillageTribune1


We have had a fantastic morning in Torpel planting the first trees in our new orchard and avenue. @SokeEdTrust @peterboroughtel @Mercury1712 @VillageTribune1 @PiXLPrimary @Pboro_LTA @NeneParkPboro @WoodlandTrust

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