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School Council

John Clare Primary School Council

Our purpose

We are the voice of the children in our school and work together to:

  • Share the views and ideas of the children in our school
  • Suggest and find ways to make our school even better
  • Organise events

Membership of School Council

School Council membership is open to all children at John Clare Primary School. Children who wish to stand for School Council should nominate themselves each academic year and prepare a speech to share with their class/year group explaining why they would be an ideal member. Each year group then holds a democratic election in which 2 representatives are chosen (years 1-6).


Meetings are held regularly (weekly/fortnightly) with Mrs Nicolson, Headteacher.

School Council Code of Conduct

  • Bring lots of exciting ideas
  • Work as a team, showing respect to each other
  • Provide constructive criticism
  • Share the ideas/opinions of all children in school
  • Be positive, have fun and enjoy making a difference!