School Information

John Clare is a Primary day school for boys and girls from the age of four to eleven years, within the City of Peterborough Local Education Authority. Our school is named after the local village Poet, John Clare, who lived from 1793-1864. Opened on July 13 1965 in commemoration of the poet’s birthday, our school is continuing to gain in popularity following its recent excellent ofsted report.

Our School is housed in a pleasant, light airy building with its own playing field. The School field is dual-use and is used by the village after school hours and during weekends and holidays.

The main building comprises a large hall equipped for gymnastics, drama and music, which is also used as a dining area with meals prepared and cooked by our school caterer. There are 5 classrooms, a music room, a library/computer suite and a small group room.  Helpston Under 5s share the site and are housed in their own unit.

The School Day

School starts at: 9.00am until 12.00pm

Restarts at: 1.00pm until 3.30pm

Finish on Fridays at 2.30pm


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